3 December 1999
The Millennium Octopus Watch on sale from 5 December
The Millennium Octopus Watch is a high-tech innovation for the 21st Century besides being a valuable, limited-edition souvenir.The Octopus micro chip is embedded in the watch, allowing it to function as a normal adult Octopus card.Commuters need only to lightly place their wrists over any Octopus processor and their fares are paid.All watches are re-loadable at any Octopus sales outlet or 7-Eleven convenience store.
At $250, each including a usable value of $30, the Millennium Octopus Watch provides the perfect answer for people looking for a unique and yet practical Christmas gift.
Five Millennium Octopus Watch designs are available to suit every taste.These limited-edition Watches will be available from 5 December 1999 at MTR and Airport Express Customer Service Centres, KCR-East Rail and KCR-Light Rail Customer Service Centres, 7-Eleven convenience stores (except those at MTR and Airport Express stations) and branches of Dah Sing Bank, while stock lasts.
The precision quartz, battery-operated timepiece is water-proof and shock-proof.
With more than 5.8 million cards in circulation, the Octopus is recognized as the most popular contactless smart card in the world.Now, combining time with ease of travel, the Millennium Octopus Watch provides the perfect companion for time-conscious commuters to enjoy the convenience of coin-free travel.