28 January 2000
Special KCR East Rail train service arrangements for Lunar New Year
To cope with the anticipated increase in cross-boundary demand in Lunar New Year, the KCR East Rail announced today that it will work closely with the departments at the Lo Wu boundary to provide a fast and convenient cross-boundary train service.
With the completion of the improvement works at Lo Wu Station in mid December last year, facilities at the Arrival Hall on upper level and the Departure Hall on the lower level can be used more flexibly which enables the cross-boundary passenger flow to be regulated more efficiently.
During peak period, with the counters on the Departure Hall, together with the 40 counters on the Arrival Hall, there will be a total of 116 counters to handle departing travellers.While with all counters on the Arrival Hall together with the 12 counters at the lower level Departure Hall, there will be 104 counters to handle arriving travellers during peak period.
"During the peak departure period, KCR East Rail will closely monitor the number of passengers going to Lo Wu on each train in order to facilitate the operations of the Immigration Department.East Rail may implement Lo Wu Ticket Quota System for a short period of time when necessary.The purpose of the Lo Wu Ticket Quota System is to regulate the number of passengers of each train in order to avoid the safety problem caused by having too many passengers queuing for Lo Wu boundary crossing at the same time," said Mr Anthony Yan, KCR East Rail Customer Services Manager.
"Passengers travelling to Lo Wu should line up for a Lo Wu ticket at the designated counters of each individual station. Octopus holders are required to validate the Octopus Card for travel to Lo Wu by pressing the card against the Lo Wu Quota Processor before entering the gates. These Processors are located directly in front of the counters selling Lo Wu tickets.Passengers are advised to pay attention to the broadcast at the stations."
If passengers want to enquire the cross-boundary arrangements at Lo Wu, they could call the East Rail Customer Service Hotline on 2602 7799.The hotline information will be updated every half an hour.On the busiest days of the holiday, passengers are advised to call the hotline to obtain the latest information before starting their journeys.If the Lo Wu Ticket Quota System is to be implemented, similar information will also be disseminated via the electronic media and major paging operators.
In order to ensure a smooth flow of passengers and to minimise the impact on domestic services, the situation at individual stations will be closely monitored and train services regulated to meet with the demand.
KCR East Rail also announced today that domestic train services will be strengthened during Chinese New Year to cope with the anticipated increase in demand.
On Chinese New Year's Eve (4 February), an all night train service will be provided between Hung Hom and Sheung Shui. Starting from 1:00 am, train service will be maintained at a 10-15 minute frequency.On 5 and 6 February, the first two days of the Chinese New Year, train services will be extended with the last northbound train to Sheung Shui to depart from Hung Hom at 1:30 am, while the last southbound train to Hung Hom to depart from Sheung Shui at 1:00 am.
On 6 February, the second day of Chinese New Year, train services between Hung Hom and Sheung Shui will be strengthened after the fireworks display at Victoria Harbour and train will run at a frequency of every 4 to 5 minutes between 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm.
On 7 February, the third day of Chinese New Year, train services will also be strengthened to facilitate passengers going to Che Kung Temple and Shatin Racecourse.As a whole, southbound train service of Fo Tan will be maintained at a frequency of every 4 minutes, while the northbound train service of Fo Tan will be maintained at a frequency of every 6 minutes.