23 February 2000
EIA Report on Tsim Sha Tsui Extension ready for public inspection
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation today released the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report on the Tsim Sha Tsui Extension for public inspection until 23 March 2000.
Director of KCRC's East Rail Extensions Division, Mr K.K. Lee said the report was made public in accordance with the EIA Ordinance and emphasized that the project had been proceeding satisfactorily and there had not been any delay.
Mr. Lee said the EIA report showed that by shifting the track alignment of the new underground station towards Salisbury Road, the railway scheme can avoid Signal Hill.
"This proposal has emerged during a value engineering study at the detailed design stage and has now been submitted to the Government.It is expected that an amendment to incorporate the proposed alignment into the railway scheme will soon be gazetted," Mr Lee said.
"The proposed amendment will give the station a straight alignment whereas the gazetted alignment is on a curve and variable platform gap is a concern,"
"It will also give the station a single centre platform, similar to MTR Central Station, to provide more convenience to passengers boarding departing trains.
"The station will be connected to a pedestrian subway system from Chatham Road to Nathan Road to provide rail passengers and public convenient access to MTR, Nathan Road and popular locations in Tsim Sha Tsui," Mr Lee said.
The EIA report has identified that construction of the subway system along Mody Road will give rise to noise impact. KCRC will adopt robust measures to mitigate the noise impact.
These will include stringent contractual requirements for use of the quietest equipment available, confining noisy works to daytime, dividing the site into small work zones, not allowing noisy equipment to work at the same time in adjacent zones and installing decking under which noisy work can be shielded from the public.
With these measures in place, it is expected that in the worst case scenario, the noise levels at a few locations along Mody Road may be within 4-10 dB(A) above the daytime limit of 75 dB(A) for a period of less than five months, and for a shorter period of not more than three months, some locations may be exposed to 11 dB(A) above the daytime limit. The noise levels at daytime are similar to those of a busy road or those of an ordinary construction site.
The Middle Road Children Playground will be closed for the construction of the underground station. Mr Lee said, "We are looking at ways to keep the closure period to an absolute minimum and the area will be reinstated with more open space and better public access to Signal Hill."
Mr Lee also noted that of the 1000 trees within the project area, about half would be retained in situ and protected during the construction period.These would include all Champion trees.About 300 trees would require transplanting and the remaining 200 trees would be removed.To compensate for the loss, KCRC would plant about 1,000 new trees within the project area, increasing the final number of trees to 1,500.