25 February 2000
Special arrangements for next Y2K high risk day
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) will take extra precaution to ensure that its train operations will not be affected during the critical moments of the next Y2K high risk day on February 29.
On the nights of 28 and 29 February, all East Rail trains will pull into stations at least one minute before midnight and stay there for at least two minutes to allow the clock to tick away. Station lifts will be shut down for 20 minutes from 11.50 pm to 12.10 am.But, escalators will continue operating.
Notices about these special arrangements will be posted up at stations and a broadcast will be made to passengers as the trains remain stationery.These special arrangements are the same as those for the millennium rollover.
Stoppage is not required for Light Rail as Light Rail vehicles are driven on a line-of-sight basis.
East Rail and Light Rail will close their services as normal on the nights of 28 and 29 February.
Both East Rail and Light Rail will deploy additional staff to monitor their essential railway systems and to assist passengers.A special control centre will be set up at KCRC Headquarters in Fo Tan to co-ordinate all internal and external Y2K communications.
For inter-city services, East Rail staff will liaise with the Guangshen Railway Company Ltd for the purpose of ensuring that the railway lines for through trains to the Mainland are Y2K trouble-free.