31 March 2000
KCR East Rail train service arrangement during Ching Ming and Easter holidays
KCR East Rail anticipates that there will be many passengers going to the Mainland either for grave sweeping or for leisure trip during the coming Ching Ming and Easter holidays.KCR East Rail will closely monitor the passenger flow at Lo Wu and other stations and regulate the train services accordingly to ensure a smooth cross-boundary flow.
With the completion of the improvement works at Lo Wu Station in mid December last year, facilities at the Arrival Hall on upper level and the Departure Hall on the lower level can be used more flexibly which enables the cross-boundary passenger flow to be regulated more efficiently.During peak period, with the counters on the Departure Hall, together with another 40 counters on the Arrival Hall, there will be a total of 116 counters to handle departing travellers.While with all counters on the Arrival Hall, together with another 12 counters at the lower level Departure Hall, there will be 104 counters to handle arriving travellers during peak period.
The Immigration Department estimated that over 3.4 million people would travel to and from the mainland through the Lo Wu Control Point during the Ching Ming and Easter holiday periods.The peak period of the Ching Ming Festival will fall between 31 March and 5 April, 2000, and the daily traffic is expected to reach a peak of over 330,000 on 4 April.As regards the Easter, the peak period will fall between 20 April and 25 April 2000.The daily traffic will reach a peak of 320,000 on 23 April.
To cope with the traffic demands during the festive periods, reinforcement officers will be deployed from the headquarters to the Lo Wu Control Point.Leave of the officers of the control point will also be suspended on 4 April 2000.
"During the peak departure period, KCR East Rail will closely monitor the number of passengers going to Lo Wu on each train in order to facilitate the operations of the Immigration Department.Five flap gates have recently been installed at the departure hall of Lo Wu Station which facilitate passengers to exit the station and proceed to the Immigration Hall more efficiently," said Mr Anthony Yan, KCR East Rail Customer Services Manager.
"If passengers want to enquire the cross-boundary arrangements at Lo Wu during the holidays, they could call the East Rail Customer Service Hotline on 2602 7799 before starting their journeys. The hotline information will be updated every half an hour."
In order to ensure a smooth flow of passengers and to minimise the impact on domestic services, the situation at individual stations will be closely monitored and train services regulated to meet with the demand