14 April 2000
Light Rail services resume normal
KCRC apologizes for the Light Rail service disruption caused by the rainstorm and flooding in the North West New Territories this morning.Through Light Rail services were resumed at 11:24 am.
Since early this morning, despite the serious flooding, KCRC has tried to maintain Light Rail services while the majority of road traffic in the area was immobile.
Three sections of the Light Rail tracks, representing about one third of its alignment, were most seriously affected by the flooding.
The first section was the area between Tuen Mun Ferry Pier and Ming Kum.At 6:35 a.m, service of route 506 had to be replaced by feeder buses, while routes 610 and 615 required diversions.
Continuous platform announcements were made to inform passengers of the service changes. The emergency Light Rail Hotline was activated at 7:00 am.
The second section was the area between Hang Mei Tsuen and Tin Shui Wai Terminus.Since about 8:30 am, routes 720 and 721 had to terminate at Hung Tin Road Emergency Platform. Feeder buses were also deployed to provide relief services in Tin Shui Wai.
The third section was at the Yuen Long Main Street. Since about 8:51 am, routes 610, 614, 615 were also affected.
A total of 35 KCRC buses were deployed to supplement the Light Rail services.Service resumed normal at 11:24 am.