15 April 2000
West Rail works did not cause or aggravate flooding
KCRC's Senior Director for Capital Projects Mr James Blake and Director of West Rail Mr Ian Thoms, along with other senior project staff, contractors, and a hydraulics expert visited West Rail sites today. They inspected photographic and other records of drainage features taken at West Rail constructions sites at the height of yesterday's abnormal rainfall. These records confirm that the West Rail works did not cause or aggravate yesterday's flooding.
A KCRC spokesman said that all West Rail construction contracts working in or close to Drainage Services Department's watercourse contain specifications that have been cleared with the Drainage Services Department.
These specifications include clear requirements that works can proceed only on condition that they will not have any adverse effect on the existing drainage system.
Today's site inspections by KCRC's senior management confirmed that West Rail contractors have not transgressed these specifications.
KCRC welcomes any investigation into the circumstances regarding flooding in the vicinity of West Rail sites, and stands ready to render every assistance to the relevant authorities, including the Drainage Services Department, in the course of their investigations.