17 April 2000
West Rail works did not cause or aggravate flooding
Attention News Editors:
In response to media enquiries, KCRC today made the following statement:
During the immediate aftermath of the exceptionally heavy rainstorm on Friday 14 April 2000, KCRC promised to investigate whether or not West Rail works caused or exacerbated the flooding at Sheung Cheung Wai Village in Tin Shui Wai.This has been done, and it is now confirmed that West Rail works did not cause or exacerbate the flooding at Sheung Cheung Wai.
Damage to private property therefore is not a KCRC matter, and KCRC bears no legal liability.
Since the damage did not arise from West Rail works, KCRC and its contractors are not the appropriate parties to receive any claims.Accordingly KCRC will not be represented at any meetings for the purpose of receiving claims for compensation.
In the event that claimants insist that damage to their property did arise because of flooding caused by West Rail works, they will have to back up their claims with relevant evidence.KCRC will ensure that any such claims are dealt with by the insurer through proper channels.