12 June 2000
KCRC releases first environmental report
KCRC released its first Environmental Report today as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability in Hong Kong and to maintaining an open dialogue with the public on green issues.
The 36-page report demonstrates how KCRC is an organisation that meets and, in many cases, surpasses environmental regulations.Among the topics covered in the report are the efforts made by the Corporation to reduce energy, restore wetlands habitats, and replace air conditioning refrigerants in its buses, locomotives, and buildings with CFC-free refrigerants.
Also discussed are such initiatives as the nearly HK$1 billion investment made by KCRC in noise mitigation measures along East Rail - the biggest private party investment in an environmental improvement project in Hong Kong.
In 1997, KCRC became the first transport company in Asia to obtain ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems.KCRC was awarded a distinction in the Hong Kong Awards for Industry 1999 Private Sector Committee on the Environment (PSCE) Environmental Performance Award.
This month KCRC sponsored the Clean Transport Poster Contest together with Clear The Air, which attracted more than 5,000 entries from school children aged 5-18.
The Environmental Report was prepared by KCRC's Corporate Environmental Steering Committee, with the full support of the Corporation's Managing Board.Further reports will be released in the years ahead, to show the progress made by the Corporation on issues related to environmental sustainability.

KCRC Environmental Report 1999