28 June 2000
KCRC emergency procedures tested at Hung Hom Station
"A man carrying a metal pole jumped onto the track and was hit by a train entering the platform of Hung Hom station at 10:30 am.The train immediately derailed and crashed against the platform edge. The first two cars of the train were seriously damaged.About thirty passengers in the train were injured. The Fire Services Department arrived shortly to rescue the passengers..."
The above formed the scenario of a joint exercise held at KCR Hung Hom Station by KCR East Rail and various emergency services departments to test the effectiveness in carrying out emergency evacuation and rescue operation.The exercise was held during non-peak hours to avoid causing any inconvenience to train service and the travelling passengers.
"We conduct joint exercise regularly to review our own efficiency in handling emergencies as well as enhance co-operation and co-ordination among all involved parties. Everything went smoothly today and we were pleased with the performance demonstrated," said Mr. Louis Leung, Quality, Safety and Training Manager of KCR East Rail.
In addition to KCR East Rail, the Fire Services Department, the Hong Kong Police, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Kwong Wah Hospital, the Civil Aid Services and the Auxiliary Medical Services also participated in the exercise.