2 August 2000
Light Rail achieves new safety record
The Light Rail Division of Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) has a strong commitment to continuously improving safety. This is reflected in the newly-released figures for the first half of 2000, which show that Light Rail's injury statistics achieved a record low of 0.27 per million passengers carried.
Mr Jonathan Yu, KCRC Director, Light Rail, revealed the figure today at the opening ceremony of this year's Light Rail Safety Campaign.
Mr Yu noted that the number of injuries among passengers and non-passengers of only 0.27 per million Light Rail passengers was well below the figure of 0.33 per million passengers carried in the same period of 1999.
Also speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr Lau Wong Fat, Chairman of Tuen Mun District Council, said it was encouraging to see Light Rail's safety performance improving. He mentioned that police statistics show Light Rail has the lowest rate of road traffic accidents among all road transport modes in Hong Kong.In 1999, only 0.63% of total road accidents in the Northern New Territories involved Light Rail, while franchised buses were involved in 3.3% of total road accidents and private cars 34%.
Despite its good safety record, Mr Yu stressed that Light Rail would spare no effort to continue to enhance safety for its passengers and the general public.As in previous years, Light Rail will partner with government departments to carry out road safety education and conduct joint operations against careless road users.
Refresher courses for Light Rail drivers and seminars for professional drivers highlighting road safety will continue to be organised.Radio, television and other media will be used to disseminate road safety messages to the public. Professional drivers associations and key organisations in Tuen Mun will also be invited to participate in the promotion of road safety.
This year's Light Rail Safety Campaign will be tied in with the Tuen Mun Safe Community Project co-ordinated by the Occupational Safety and Health Council. Supported by key organisations in Tuen Mun including KCR Light Rail, the project aims to promote safety and reduce injuries in the community. Tuen Mun is expected to be endorsed by the World Health Organisation as the first safe community in Hong Kong at the end of this year.
The officiating guests at today's opening ceremony were Mr Lau Wong Fat, Chairman of Tuen Mun District Council and Patron of Tuen Mun Safe Community; Dr. Ng Tat Lun, Chairman, Occupational Safety and Health Council; Mr. Ng Wai Kit, Regional Commander, New Territories North, Hong Kong Police Force; Miss Sharon Ho, Acting Tuen Mun District Officer; Mr. Jonathan Yu, KCRC Director, Light Rail; and Mrs. Irene Yau, KCRC General Manager, Corporate Affairs.