1 September 2000
Adverse weather conditions affect KCR train services this morning
With typhoon signal no. 3 hoisted this morning, a large banyan tree was blown onto the upline track at the south of Tai Po Market.KCR East Rail train services were once affected.
At 5:30 am, a large banyan tree fell on the upline track at the south of Tai Po Market Station and slightly affected train services. A total of three scheduled trains were delayed while the fallen tree was removed from the railway line. Normal train services resumed at 6:38 am.During the incident, feeder buses were provided to run between Tai Po Market and Sha Tin stations.
"Services were resumed quickly because the incident occurred early in the morning when maintenance staff were readily available to clear the fallen tree," said spokesperson for KCR East Rail.
KCR East Rail apologised for the inconvenience caused to passengers.