20 September 2000
Guangzhou passengers stranded by Guangshen through train
At 4:50 pm, a through train "Xinshisu" of Guangshen Railway Corporation Limited stopped at the upline between Hung Hom and Mong Kok stations shortly after it departed from Hung Hom Station. Domestic train services between Hung Hom and Lo Wu was once affected.Train service was maintained at a 10-minute interval.
KCR East Rail had immediately arranged to haul the through train back to Hung Hom Station.Normal train services resumed at 5:45 pm.
The "Xinshisu" through train was originally scheduled to run to Guangzhou East Station, with about 260 passengers on board.After the through train was hauled back to Hung Hom Station, KCR East Rail had immediately arranged a special KCR electric train to take the affected passengers to Lo Wu, where they were escorted to take the local train on the Guangshen line to Guangzhou.All passengers on board the "Xinshisu" through train were also offered full refund, which could be both instantly and within 14 days from the date of the incident.
Guangshen Railway Company Limited has arranged to haul the train back in the evening to the Mainland where a detailed investigation would be carried out.