6 November 2000
West Rail statement on Mei Foo Sun Chuen noise insulation scheme
In response to media enquiries on a report of alleged collusion between Mei Foo flat owners and contractors to cheat West Rail, a KCRC spokesman made the following statement:
(a) The noise insulation works have been designed with full specifications by KCRC and its consultant to achieve the required noise insulation levels.  Under the reimbursement scheme for noise abatement work at Mei Foo, eligible owners will hire their own contractors to do the noise abatement work and produce an invoice on completion of the work before any reimbursement is provided.  Reimbursement cannot exceed a ceiling amount, which is pre-determined by KCRC.
(b) KCRC pre-determined the ceiling amount by estimating the cost of the noise abatement works for a particular flat, using current rates charged by contractors for carrying out works of a similar nature elsewhere. The actual works are pre-designed with full specifications by KCRC and its consultant.
(c) These reimbursement procedures within a pre-determined ceiling amount are similar to noise abatement schemes previously implemented by the Government and other public corporations;
(d) KCRC’s scheme has the added safeguard in that the noise abatement works that have been carried out are subject to inspection by the Mei Foo Management Office for compliance with the Deed of Mutual Covenant and the Housekeeping rules. Reimbursement will only be made by KCRC when eligible owners have received a Certificate of Compliance issued by the Management Office and a receipted invoice from the contractor. The noise mitigation works are also subject to technical audit by KCRC.
(e) So far KCRC has no evidence of irregularities in respect of payments related to the Scheme. However, in the light of a press report alleging malpractice, KCRC is looking into the matter.