8 November 2000
West Rail will continue to monitor the impacts of piling works on the residences in the vicinity
In response to media enquiries about a report on alleged cracks caused by West Rail works in Small Traders New Village, Yuen Long, a KCRC spokesman make the following statement:

(a) A West Rail contractor has been carrying out piling work in the area since August 2000.

(b) Baseline measurements taken previously in the vicinity of the complainants' houses indicated that vibration levels caused by the piling works were at less than half the conservative upper limit allowed under the contract.

(c) A verbal complaint about cracks in three village houses was received from the representative of Small Traders New Village around the 9th October. A site inspection was immediately conducted 2 days after the receipt of the complaint to look into the case, which is now being further investigated. Subsequently, we received another complaint alleging that cracks were found in some other houses. KCRC and the contractor had arranged a site inspection before the matter was reported in the newspaper.

(d) For complaints about property damage allegedly caused by West Rail works, our standard practice is to set up a site inspection with the complainants together with our engineering staff and contractor to look into the matter and determine appropriate follow up measures, including more monitoring as necessary or referral to insurers.

(e) If complainants allege that property damage has been caused by West Rail works, they should provide information in support of their claims for West Rail contractors to follow up.