18 November 2000
KCRC's Passenger Liaison Group
holds special 10th Anniversary meeting
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) organised a special joint Passenger Liaison Group (PLG) meeting for East Rail and Light Rail today (18 November) to mark the 10th Anniversary of the PLG project spearheaded by the Corporation in 1991.
The KCRC’s Passenger Liaison Group was originally set up to provide a channel for passengers' views on the Corporation’s services. After carefully studying and responding to the opinions that are collected, the Corporation adopts passenger suggestions as far as possible. In the past ten years, more than 100 meetings were held with over 1,200 passengers participated.
The PLG meetings are moderated by a third party organisation to ensure they are impartial and professionally conducted. The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business at The Chinese University of Hong Kong is currently providing facilitation services for the KCRC PLG project.
Major service improvements made in response to PLG member’s suggestions include the East Rail’s train refurbishment project, station improvement projects, the installation of a spot cooling system, and the Lo Wu improvement project. For Light Rail, these included the platform widening project, the installation of the On-board Passenger Information System and stop name light box, the enhancement of Octopus enquiry processors and improved facilities for the disabled.
About 110 passengers participated in today's special meeting, as well as KCRC management representatives who attended as observers.