24 November 2000
KCRC East Rail launches ‘Champion Services’ programme
KCR East Rail launched a new customer service programme named as ‘Champion Service’ today.
A launching ceremony was held today and was officiated by Mr Y T Li, Deputy Director, East Rail. Representatives from China Light & Power Hong Kong Limited, Cathay Pacific Airways, Hang Seng Bank Limited and New World First Bus Services Limited also attended the ceremony to share their experience and insight in customer service with the front line staff of KCR East Rail.
"KCR East Rail has witnessed the change in the history of Hong Kong in the past 90 years. In the future, with the expansion of the East Rail network, we will play an even more important role. East Rail is the main source of revenue of KCRC, therefore both within and outside the Corporation, we need to provide a champion service to enable East Rail to become an excellent railway and an outstanding example in the field of transport services," said Mr Y T Li, Deputy Director of KCR East Rail.
"Service quality has always been our priority concern. Starting from today, however, we have to set an even higher goal. Apart from providing spacious stations and comfortable train environments, we need to have bright and smart staff. Apart from providing passengers with efficient and reliable services, we also need a friendly smile and caring attitude. East Rail not only offers an efficient transport service, but also a pleasant and comfortable journey.
"We have taken almost a year to prepare for the ‘Champion Service’ programme, which includes the setting of goals and the arrangement of training sessions. We understand that service quality can only be improved through a thorough understanding of objectives, change of outdated concepts and full support by our colleagues," Mr Li continued.
A total of 24 staff have been selected from our Operations team who will be the ambassadors to be posted at stations and trains. They will act as model in the provision of Champion Service. In addition, KCR East Rail will organise a series of ‘Champion Service’ activities. They include ‘Coffee Evening’ for the management staff to meet with the passengers; ‘Best Station Award’ for passengers to participate, ‘Quarterly Service Award’ and ‘Passenger Fun Day’ for the travelling public. Moreover, to enhance communication and teamwork, KCRC is now exploring the possibility of arranging management staff to participate in the front line work.
"KCR East Rail has set ambitious goals and plans for its ‘Champion Service’ programme. It is hoped that through the sincere support of our staff members, KCR East Rail could achieve a service standard which can be regarded as ‘Champion Service’, said Mr Li.