28 November 2000
Statement on the incident in Kam Tin
In response to media enquiries regarding an incident in Kam Tin today (Tuesday), a spokesman for KCR West Rail made the following statement:
At about 11:10 a.m. today, a 60-metre long girder being positioned for the construction of West Rail viaducts became unstable above a work site at the Kam Tin Road mini round-about near Kam Sheung Road. No one was injured but a section of Kam Tin Road between Au Tau Roundabout and Kam Sheung Road has to be closed temporarily. Police are at the scene to direct traffic, and the relevant West Rail contractor is in the process of removing the girder.
KCRC regrets the inconvenience to motorists and members of the public caused by the road closure. Investigations into the cause of the incident are continuing.