7 December 2000
Asbestos will not be released during demolition of San Fat Estate
In response to a media report today (Thursday) that school pupils would allegedly be exposed to the risk of cancer-causing asbestos during the demolition of Sun Fat Estate, a spokesman for KCR West Rail made the following statement:
1. There will be no cancer-causing asbestos risks during the demolition of San Fat Estate.  The report that school pupils will be exposed to such risk is incorrect.
2. The decision to move into a new school building away from the estate at the beginning of the new school year in September 2001 was taken some time ago. KCRC will ensure that the new building is ready in time.
3. We understand that the asbestos used in the San Fat buildings is well bound into cementitious materials, and will not be released into the atmosphere. At the time of demolition full asbestos containment precautions will be employed in accordance with the requirements of the Air Pollution Control (Amendment) Ordinance.
4. The existing school will be empty, and pupils will return to the new school after the holiday, away from the San Fat demolition works.