15 December 2000
KCRC tops out West Rail Station
KCRC Chairman Mr K Y Yeung today (Friday) officiate at the topping out of the KCR West Rail Kam Sheung Road Station. This is the first West Rail station to have its structure substantially completed.
Measuring 300 metres long by 30 metres wide, this is an above-ground station with the concourse on ground level and the platform on the first floor on a viaduct. The station will have a public transport interchange and parking areas where passengers going to and coming from various areas in Pat Heung and Kam Tin can conveniently interchange between West Rail and buses, taxis, private cars and bicycles.
From this station, passengers can travel south to Kowloon, or north to the fast-growing new towns in North West New Territories. It would take only 10 minutes to get from Kam Sheung Road Station to Mei Foo Station, where passengers could interchange with the MTR Tsuen Wan Line. From Mei Foo, it would take another three minutes to reach Nam Cheong Station, where passengers could change over to the MTR Tung Chung Line to get to Central District.
These improved transport links that West Rail will bring to the Kam Tin and Pat Heung areas will unlock their vast development potential. These links will enable both areas to be opened up for massive housing development and population growth.
When completed, the station will be in Terracotta Red, with an exterior design that will blend in with the environment. Together with the West Rail Building to the north and Pat Heung Maintenance Centre to the south, this station will be a new landmark in Kam Tin Valley, reinforcing KCRC’s long record of service to the New Territories.
Civil construction of this station began in November 1999. It took only 12 months to complete the superstructure, two months ahead of schedule.
Caption: Picture shows KCRC Chairman and members of the West Rail construction team at the topping out of the West Rail Kam Sheung Road Station.