15 December 2000
KCR East Rail to launch "Mcmug & friends Commemorative Ticket" this Sunday, 17 December 2000
To celebrate the Christmas of Year 2000, KCR East Rail will launch a "Mcmug & friends Commemorative Ticket" on Sunday, 17 December 2000.
The ticket set includes two commemorative Mcmug character tickets and a set of five "Mcmug ride on KCR East Rail" magnets. The price of each ticket set is HK$50. The commemorative tickets are available at the ticket office of all KCR East Rail stations (except Lo Wu and Racecourse stations) and KCR Light Rail Customer Services Centres at Ferry Pier Terminus, Town Centre, Siu Hong and Yuen Long Terminus on 17 December.
Each commemorative ticket is valid for two Standard Class KCR East Rail journey between Hung Hom and Sheung Shui stations (except Racecourse Station ) during the period from 17 December 2000 to 16 January 2001.