17 December 2000
KCR East Rail’s Safety Campaign launched today
KCR East Rail launched its annual Safety Campaign today. "Watch out for the yellow line and enjoy a safe ride" is the safety tip for passengers travelling with KCR East Rail.
The Opening Ceremony of KCR East Rail’s Safety Campaign was held at New Town Plaza, Shatin today. Apart from having the District Council chairmen along East Rail to be the officiating guests, the ceremony was also well attended by passengers from different age groups. In fact, railway is of concern to every passenger, regardless of his or her age. Passengers can enjoy a safe ride only if they follow the safety guidelines.
"KCR East Rail is a very safe railway. Carrying a daily average of about 780,000 passengers, the number of passenger injured per million passengers carried is only 0.64 as recorded in the first three quarters of 2000. This number is lower than the average number of 0.7 recorded at the same period of 1999 by 8.6%," said Mr Y T Li, Deputy Director of KCR East Rail at today’s ceremony.
"Although the accident figures is of a decreasing trend, we still hope to use the slogan of this year’s safety campaign "watch out for the yellow line and enjoy a safe ride" to raise the safety awareness of our passengers and to remind them to take care of children and elderly when travelling on East Rail. Remember to stand on the right and never stand at the yellow painted edge when using escalator. When boarding and alighting, never stand in front of the yellow line. Watch out for the train doors and never put your hand inside the door gap of train compartments," added Mr Li.
KCR East Rail will organise a series of publicity programme following the launch of the campaign. Apart from using posters and leaflets to promote the safety messages, ‘Safety Ambassadors’ will be posted at stations to distribute promotion materials and to host a safety slogan reciting competition. Moreover, lively radio programme and phone-in safety quiz will also be used as a channel to enhance passengers’ understanding of the safety guidelines when travelling with East Rail.