27 December 2000
KCRC bus fleet switches to ultra-low sulphur diesel from 1 January 2001
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) announced today (27 December) that the Corporation's entire bus fleet will switch to ultra-low sulphur diesel with effect from 1 January 2001.
A spokesman for KCRC said, "About 10 per cent of the fleet's 129 buses were using ultra-low sulphur diesel since the end of July this year. The result of this five-month operation has been satisfactory and thus the Corporation decided to extend the use of ultra-low sulphur diesel to the entire fleet.
"According to the information provided by one of our key bus suppliers, it has been proven that the use of ultra-low sulphur diesel will significantly help to reduce the emission of air pollutants."
"Ultra-low sulphur diesel contains 0.005% sulphur, or 10 times less than ordinary standard diesel. It can greatly reduce the emission of particulates and smoke levels by about 30% and other air pollutants such as carbon monoxide by about 10%," said the spokesman.
KCRC has a strong commitment to environmental protection and will continue to explore measures to ensure its service is provided in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.