9 January 2001
KCRC Night at Moscow Circus
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) and the Moscow Circus jointly organised a ‘KCRC Night at Moscow Circus’ to entertain about two thousand East Rail passengers on 8 January 2001.
The world famous Moscow Circus is performing at the Cycle Park adjacent to the KCR East Rail Tai Wai Station in January 2001. KCRC took the opportunity to organise a lucky draw during the period from 23 December 2000 to 1 January 2001. During the promotion period, passengers using Octopus card to travel on East Rail would have a chance to win four tickets of the circus. KCR East Rail had altogether given out nearly two thousand tickets of the ‘KCRC Night at Moscow Circus’ in this promotion.
The magnificent show was officiated by Mr K Y Yeung, Chairman & Chief Executive of KCRC, Mr Y T Li, Deputy Director of KCR East Rail and Mr Jim Cranfield, Marketing Director of Worldwide Entertainment Ltd.
Following the show, KCRC and the Moscow Circus will jointly organise a ‘Circus School’ on 16 January 2001 for the orphans, mentally retarded kids and children with chronic disease. It is hoped that the ‘Circus School’ will bring them some fun and provide them with a better exposure to the community.