12 February 2001
Construction of Ma On Shan Rail commences
"The commencement of construction of Ma On Shan Rail represents another step forward in the implementation of KCRC’s new railway construction," said Mr. K. Y. Yeung, Chairman and Chief Executive of KCRC at the Ma On Shan Rail Ground Breaking Ceremony today.
The Hon. Leung Chun-ying, Convenor, Executive Council who officiated at the Ceremony congratulated KCRC for bringing the Ma On Shan Rail, an extension of East Rail forward to construction phase.
Mr. Leung commented that railway is a fast and environmentally friendly transport system and the Government has given top priority to railway development.
"In the next 15 years, the Government will spend HK$200 billion to build 12 railways. This will bring better integration of the KCR and MTR systems in the process to develop a complete railway network," said Mr. Leung.
To match Government’s policy to make railway the backbone of the transport system, KCRC is actively planning other new railway projects in addition to the East Rail Extensions and West Rail, Phase I.
Mr. Yeung said, "In response to Government’s invitation, KCRC is working actively on proposals to build the Kowloon Southern Link which will link up East Rail and West Rail.
"We will also bid for the Shatin to Central Link.  These new railways will develop the existing networks into a complete system to better serve the people of Hong Kong."
Ma On Shan Rail is a mass transit railway system specially catered for the 400,000 population in Ma On Shan. About 80% of Ma On Shan residents will be able to walk to a station without using other means of transport. Upon completion of the railway in 2004, passengers can travel from Ma On Shan to urban Kowloon in 30 minutes.