6 April 2001
Overnight Test Runs on KCR East Rail
KCR East Rail launched a new cab simulator today. Together with a comprehensive training programme for drivers, the new generation of trains will be ready for service in end August this year.
A ceremony to mark the launch of the new cab simulator was held at the KCR Ho Tung Lau Maintenance Centre today at which KCR East Rail Deputy Director Mr Y T Li demonstrated the operation of the new cab simulator.
Apart from a streamlined appearance, the new cab simulator is the first cab simulator in Hong Kong installed with a three-degree and six axles motion system. The motion system synchronizes with the computer generated image to simulate the realistic feeling of acceleration/deceleration speed, vibration in motion and wind pressure on getting by train coming from the opposite direction etc. With the feature of the motion system, the new cab simulator will provide a more realistic environment and feeling to the driver trainee during the cab simulator training.
In the new cab simulator, driver’s seat is located in the middle of the cab to allow a wide angle of vision and therefore every signal and signboard along the journey are visible to the driver trainee even in the curvature track. The new cab simulator is equipped with an advance image generator machine to generate a very high quality of computer image which is of the standard of the Hollywood film production.
Officiating at the ceremony, Mr Y T Li said, "We take a very serious attitude towards driving training and we believe that drivers’ performance is vital to the provision of champion service. With the aid of this cab simulator, together with a comprehensive training programme comprising a 10-day classroom training, road practical driving and finally an assessment, we will be ready to run the new train cars in end August this year."
The HK$23.8 million project was designed and constructed by Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong Ltd.
Interior of the KCR East Rail new Cab Simulator.
KCR East Rail Deputy Director Mr Y T Li demonstrates the operation of the new cab simulator.