9 April 2001
KCRC responds to press report
A KCRC spokesman denied a report published in today's SCMP asserting that Principal Assistant Secretary for Transport, Mr. William Shiu will give evidence as a KCRC witness in the appeal hearing on the rejection by the Director of Environmental Protection of the EIA report on the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line.
The spokesman said, "Mr Shiu is not on the list of witnesses to be called by KCRC.Furthermore, witnesses are called to give evidence on the matter to be decided by the Appeal Board.They are not there 'to testify against the rail ban' as alleged in the report

Witnesses to be called by KCRC are as follows:
Mr. John Ellis
Mr. David Kelly
Mr. Colin Jesse
Mr. Stephen Chik
Mr. Paul Leader
Mr. David Melville
Dr. Patrick Hase
Mr. Michael Levin
Mr. M.L. Wan
Mr. Y.T. Li
Mr. Geoffrey Harris
Mr. Lucas Paz
Mr. Graham Tucker
Mr. Tim Kendell
Mr. Michael Bumgardner
Ms. Joyce Hunting