11 April 2001
KCR East Rail regulates Lo Wu train services to cope with the passenger flow during the Easter holidays
KCR East Rail anticipates a lot of passengers will make use of the Easter holidays to travel to the Mainland. To provide a pleasant journey for passengers, KCR East Rail will closely monitor the passenger flow at Lo Wu and other stations and regulate the train services accordingly to ensure a smooth cross-boundary flow.
"As with the past long holidays, KCR East Rail will closely monitor the flow of passengers to Lo Wu and regulate the train services as required in order to tie in with the handling capacity of the boundary authorities both on Hong Kong and Shenzhen sides during the peak period," said Mr Anthony Yan, KCR East Rail Customer Services Manager.
The border at Lo Wu is open from 6:30 in the morning to 11:30 at night. The first northbound train departs at 5:30 am from Hung Hom Station while the last northbound train that cross-boundary passengers can take departs from Hung Hom Station at 10:33pm.
Passengers travelling to Shenzhen during the long holidays are advised to call the East Rail Customer Services Hotline on 2602 7799 to enquire the cross-boundary arrangements at Lo Wu during the holidays before starting their journeys. The hotline information will be updated every half an hour.