25 April 2001
Minor disruption of train service
Train service between Hung Hom and Mong Kok stations was slightly disrupted this morning when a male passenger went down to the track at Mong Kok Station to pick up his belongings.
At 09:30 am when a northbound train no. M131 was pulling into Mong Kok Station, the driver saw a male passenger on the track near the southern end of the platform. He sounded the horn to warn the passenger and applied the emergency brake immediately. The passenger, who had sustained slight injury, was found hiding under the platform edge. He was assisted to go up to the platform and later sent to hospital for medical treatment.
The site was cleared at 09:39 am. Following a site inspection by Fire Services Department and the police, train service between Hung Hom and Mong Kok stations resumed normal at 09:46 am. During the incident, train service north of Kowloon Tong Station was not affected.
A KCR East Rail spokesperson reminds the travelling public that they are putting their lives at risk by going down to the track in view of the fact that there are 21 trains running on each side of the track per hour during peak period and 12 trains during off-peak period. Passengers should either approach the platform staff or contact the staff of the Station Control Office through the Passenger Help Points available at the platform for assistance if they have dropped anything onto the track. KCRC staff will then help them pick up their belongings with the assistance of a special equipment used for this purpose.
According to KCRC By-laws, passengers are liable to a maximum penalty of $5,000 and six months imprisonment for going down onto the track and causing inconvenience.