8 May 2001
Disruption of Ktt service today
Three through train departures between Hong Kong and Guangzhou were affected today owing to a technical fault on the Ktt train.
The Ktt train was unable to depart for Hong Kong at 11:00am because of a technical fault. Some Ktt passengers changed to the subsequent through trains while some took the domestic services direct to Shenzhen and then changed to Lo Wu train.
For those passengers who planned to ride on the Ktt train at 13:25 pm to Guangzhou, arrangement was made for them to travel on the subsequent train departing Hung Hom at 14:30 pm. Passengers who intended to travel on the Ktt to Hong Kong at 17:20 pm were arranged to travel to Shenzhen on domestic trains and then change to Lo Wu trains.
A full refund was offered to all passengers who could not take the through train today, as well as free tickets for travelling on domestic service from Guangzhou to Shenzhen and the Lo Wu train to Kowloon.
The KCR East Rail sent a team of engineering staff to Gunagzhou East Station immediately after receiving report of failure for emergency repair. The Ktt will resume normal service tomorrow.
A spokesperson for KCR East Rail said the Corporation expressed deep regret for the inconvenience caused today and appreciated the tolerance of all the Ktt passengers. She stressed that the maintenance for the Ktt will be stepped up in order to ensure that similar incidents will not happen again.