16 May 2001
KCR West Rail Diesel Locomotives to arrive in Hong Kong
The first three KCR West Rail diesel locomotives, are completed in Changzhou, Jiangsu, today (Wednesday) and handed over to Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) by the Deputy Mayor of Changzhou.
The major function of the locomotives is to provide effective and convenient transportation on the newly installed West Rail tracks during the project's construction stage, enabling engineering staff to install other railway systems along the 30.5 km alignment of West Rail in an effective manner.
The locomotives ready for delivery in Changzhou, China, were handed over to KCRC at a ceremony officiated by Deputy Mayor of Changzhou, Mr Wang Zhengping. The three locomotives will then be delivered to Hong Kong in June. The remaining 11 locomotives to be supplied under the same contract will come in four batches, with the last batch arriving in Hong Kong in April next year.
The on time delivery of the locomotives is of significance to the construction of West Rail as it will facilitate the commencement of the installation work of other railway systems contracts, including telecommunications systems, train control and signalling, as well as traction power supply and overhead line.
"The timely delivery of engineering supplies is critical to opening of West Rail on time and within budget. The West Rail project is progressing well and we are confident that West Rail will commence operation by the end of 2003," a KCRC spokesman said.
The Diesel Locomotives contract, with a value of $33 million, was awarded in June last year. The contractor is Shenzhen Sunray Group Company Limited, which is under the Ministry of Railways of China.
Caption: Deputy Mayor of Changzhou Mr Wang Zhengping (third from right) and other guests officiating at the handover of West Rail diesel locomotives at Changzhou, Jiangsu.