28 June 2001
Launch of Dongguan (Changping) – Kowloon Holiday Through Train today
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation announced the launch of Dongguan (Changping) – Kowloon Holiday Through Train today. The new service will help strengthen the tie between Hong Kong and the Mainland, as well as cope with the anticipated increase in passenger demand.
The launching ceremony of Dongguan (Changping) – Kowloon Holiday Through Train was held at Dongguan (Changping) Station today. It was officiated by Mr K Y Yeung, KCRC Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr Zhang Zhengqing, Chairman of GRSL, Mr Li Guikang, Mayor of Dongguan Government and Mr Zhou Huaju, Party Secretary of Changping Town.
Mr Yeung said, "Since the launch of Guangdong-Kowloon through train service in 1979, it has become a vital link between Hong Kong and the Mainland. With the development of Dongguan, the number of Guangdong – Kowloon through train calling at Dongguan has increased from one pair daily in 1994 to the current four pairs daily. The patronage of Dongguan – Kowloon through train has an average increase of 26% per annum since 1994."
"With the rapid growth in business and property development in Dongguan in recent years, the demand for through train service has progressively increased especially during weekends and holidays. In view of the overwhelming demand and following a joint effort of various departments, the Dongguan holiday through train is successfully launched. It is anticipated that the patronage of Dongguan through train will be increased by 15% in the second half of the year as compared to the first half of the year after its launch."
With effect from today (28 June), a pair of Dongguan (Changping) – Kowloon Holiday Through Trains will run on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. The new northbound train T818 is scheduled to depart from KCR Hung Hom Station at 6:20 pm; while the southbound T823 is scheduled to depart from Dongguan (Changping) at 8 pm. The new shuttle service is run by the Mainland’s semi-high speed train which has a capacity of 586 seats.
Dongguan (Changping) – Kowloon Holiday Through Train tickets are sold at HK$145 (adult) and $73 (child). Tickets are now available at the Intercity Passenger Services Centre at the KCR East Rail Hung Hom Station, the ticket offices of Mong Kok, Kowloon Tong and Shatin stations; the Light Rail Tuen Mun Ferry Pier Terminus Customer Services Centre or the appointed ticket agents. Besides, passengers can also purchase the tickets through the Intercity Tele-ticketing Hotline on 2947 7888 with credit card.