6 July 2001
Light Rail "Most Courteous Staff Election"
KCR Light Rail passengers now have the chance to vote for the most courteous Light Rail staff and win valuable prizes. The election is a major activity organised by Light Rail to tie in with its Courtesy Campaign launched in July.
To enter, passengers can simply pick up a voting form from Light Rail Customer Services Centre, light rail vehicles or buses, and cast their vote. Passengers who return a completed voting form to a Light Rail Customer Services Centre will receive a souvenir and be eligible to enter a lucky draw for fabulous prizes. The voting will last till the end of July.
To promote courtesy among staff, Light Rail launched the Courtesy Campaign in early July. The aim of the campaign is to motivate Light Rail staff to not only demonstrate their commitment to delivering professional transport service to customers, but also to take a sincere, friendly and courteous attitude in their day-to-day contact with customers.
During the one-month campaign, all Light Rail staff will put on a ribbon badge bearing the theme "Achieving Excellence through Customer-centred Service", conveying to passengers the message that Light Rail puts customers first.
Apart from the "Most Courteous Staff Election", Light Rail will organise a series of activities to raise customer service awareness of staff during the Courtesy Campaign. These activities will include an experience sharing session with leaders in the customer service industry, and "Meet-the-Customers Sessions" in which the management of Light Rail will meet with passengers directly to listen to their views on its services.