12 July 2001
KCRC service upgrades and Light Rail grade separation works featured in this month's Trackrecord
In the current issue of Trackrecord our feature stories look at the service upgrade programme currently underway at KCRC as well as the start of construction in the Light Rail grade separation works project.
The service upgrade programme has been in progress for the past five years and will continue for another three. Costing over $10 billion, the programme is being carried out so that the Corporation’s passengers can continue to enjoy a world-class transport service.
Another project covered by Trackrecord began at Light Rail in mid-May. This project will segregate Light Rail from road traffic at several major junctions in Tuen Mun and is part the Corporation’s HK$2.3 billion programme to improve the Light Rail system and integrate it with West Rail, Phase I, when it opens for service in 2003.
Other stories in the current issue include a look at the trip made by Chairman and Chief Executive Mr K Y Yeung to the western region of China for exploring investment prospects. Mr Yeung was part of a group of 282 delegates from Hong Kong, which was led by the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Donald Tsang.
In addition, we interview the management of the Procurement Department who discuss how their environmentally-friendly purchasing policies and tender rules contribute to making KCRC a green organisation.