17 August 2001
Light Rail steps up anti-smoking operations
KCR Light Rail will step up operations against smokers on platforms and inside train compartments to support the Government’s anti-smoking policy and to ensure a clean and environmentally-friendly train service for passengers.
The stepping up of operations is supported by the Light Rail Passenger Liaison Group members who met in early August. During the meeting the members expressed the view that smoking was intolerable in light rail vehicles and on platforms.
As stipulated in the Light Rail By-laws, smoking is prohibited in light rail vehicles and railway premises where smoking is prohibited by notice.
Starting from mid August, more inspectors will be deployed to patrol Light Rail stops and light rail vehicles in a bid to deter smoking. Passengers who smoke within the Light Rail premises may be prosecuted and liable to a maximum fine of HK$5,000.
Publicity including anti-smoking messages broadcast at platforms and inside train compartments will also be used to raise passenger awareness.