31 August 2001
KCR East Rail train services ready for the racing season
KCR East Rail has been providing a fast and reliable train service for the race goers to travel to/from Shatin Racecourse.
In this racing season, KCR East Rail will continue to have trains running to/from Shatin Racecourse at a frequency of every five to ten minutes. To make the racing dates easily available for race goers, KCR East Rail has designed a pocketsize raceday calendar card for distribution at the Racecourse Station on the first Day Race on 2 September and the first Night Race on 8 September. They will be available on a first-come first-served basis.
Moreover, with effect from 2 September, First Class service is available for trains going to/from Racecourse Station. Passengers using Octopus card should get a First Class authorization before boarding or buy a First Class single journey ticket from the Ticket Offices.