4 September 2001
Launch of KCRC New Train today
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation’s 322 new train cars, at a value of $4.044 billion, have been gradually delivered to Hong Kong since March this year. Starting from today, the first new train is put into service on East Rail following months of stringent testing to confirm its safety and reliability standard. The new trains will also be used on West Rail upon its commissioning.
KCRC organised a New Train Launching Ceremony and Charity Ride today at Hung Hom Station. The officiating guests were Mr Donald Tsang, Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr K Y Yeung, Chairman & Chief Executive of KCRC, Mr Y T Li, Director of East Rail and Mr J Ono, representative of IKK Consortium.
At the Launching Ceremony, Mr K Y Yeung, Chairman & Chief Executive of KCRC said, " The new train contract, at a total sum of $4.044 billion, is the largest train car contract ever awarded in Hong Kong. Upon the delivery of all train cars, the KCRC fleet for heavy rail will be increased by more than 92%, from 348 cars to 670 cars."
The design, facilities, as well as the operational efficiency of the new trains are much better than the existing ones. The design of the new train cars has taken into account ergonomic factors. Comfortable seats are provided. Both the temperature and humidity can be set at appropriate levels. There are wider doors and inter-car passageways to facilitate boarding and alighting and air flow. Distribution of passengers within the train can be improved, allowing a better utilization of space.
"Each train car is fitted with six 38 cm colour liquid crystal display screens to provide passengers with a wide variety of information. CCTV monitoring system is also available for the driver to monitor conditions inside the train, thereby enhancing security and enabling prompt assistance when required. Moreover, the new train is very environmentally friendly. The energy used in braking can be fed back to the power supply system, enabling a saving of 25% in energy consumption. Body side skirts are fitted along the bottom of both sides, covering the length of the car including the wheel assemblies to reduce noise. Noise absorption material is fitted to the bottom part of the cars to create a quieter environment outside and inside," added Mr Yeung.
Following the commissioning of the first new train, the remaining seven new trains used on East Rail will be put into service at the end of this year and next year. The East Rail carrying capacity for peak hours will be enhanced.
Taking the opportunity of the launch of new train, KCRC organised an Inaugural Charity Ride. With the generosity of thirty business partners, the Inaugural Charity Ride has raised a total of $1.6 million for the benefits of children and elderly in need. The beneficiaries include St Christopher’s Home, Po Leung Kuk, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, and Sun Chiu Lutheran Centre for the Elderly, etc. Over 300 representatives from these organisations took part in the ride today. Apart from the invited guests, the Charity Train also carried passengers along the line and all the lucky passengers were presented an Inaugural Ride Certificate as souvenir.