24 September 2001
Three KCR Light Rail buses routes strengthen service
Service of the following three KCR Light Rail bus routes will be enhanced with effect from 30 September (Sunday).
A74 (Tin Fu – Yuen Long West circular)
Auxiliary bThe service of bus route A74 will be extended northward to Tin Heng Estate. The terminus, which is currently located at Tin Fu Estate, will move to Tin Heng Estate starting 30 September. Service hours and frequencywill remain unchanged.
659 (Tin Heng - Tin Shui Wai Town Centre)
A new Light Rail/bus transfer stop will be provided at Light Rail Chestwood Stop for the bus route 659. Passengers transferring between Light Rail and feeder bus route 659 will be able to enjoy free enjoy a free transfer at this transfer stop. This will be the second transfer stop on this the route, which currently includes one transfer stop at Tin Shui Wai Terminus.
656 (Tai Tong - Yuen Long Industrial Estate)
The service hours of route 656 will be extended from 30 September. At Yuen Long Industrial Estate terminus, the first departure time will be advanced from the existing 6:30 am to 6:00 am, while the last departure time will be extended from 10:40 pm to 11:00 pm. At Tai Tong terminus, the last departure time will also be extended from 10:30 pm to 10:50 pm.
For enquiries, passengers may call Light Rail Hotline at 2468 7788.