30 September 2001
Cross-boundary travellers stay at Lo Wu Control Point at midnight
At around 11:20 pm yesterday, about 200 passengers gathered at Sheung Shui Station with the intention of crossing the boundary. Our staff explained to them that the last train for cross-boundary passengers had already departed and that the boundary would close at 11:30 pm as originally arranged by the governments on both sides of the boundary. The passengers, however, did not take any notice of or advice. They jumped over the barrier gate to the upline platform and then boarded a northbound train terminating at Sheung Shui Station. Despite repeated persuasion from station staff, they refused to leave the train. As this Sheung Shui train would block the access of other trains to Sheung Shui, it was directed to leave for Lo Wu at 11:26 pm. The Police and the Immigration Department were informed accordingly.
With the assistance of the Police, about 100 of these passengers were persuaded to leave Lo Wu Station on additional southbound trains. Some other 50 passengers left Lo Wu Station after 2 am, conveyed by Police vehicles. About 50 to 60 passengers chose to remain at the Lo Wu platform to wait for the opening of the border at 6:30 am today.
Mr Y T Li, Director, East Rail, said, "As a transport operator, KCR East Rail services has to tie in with the boundary operation hours. The boundary closing time for last night (Saturday) was 11:30 pm, not 12 midnight as misreported by a certain newspaper. Accordingly, the last train for cross-boundary passengers departing Hung Hom was the 10:37 pm train and this left Sheung Shui at 11:13 pm."
"To avoid misunderstanding, posters had been posted at stations to remind passengers of the departure time of the last train for cross boundary passengers. In addition, announcements both at stations and inside train compartments had been made before and after the last train for cross-boundary passengers had departed."
The boundary will be kept open until 12:00 midnight today (Sunday), tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The last train for cross-boundary passengers will depart Hung Hom Station at 11:07 pm. Mr Li urged the cross-boundary passengers to adhere to the schedule closely.