8 November 2001
Assembly of world railways featured in new Trackrecord
When KCRC co-hosted the UITP 74th Metropolitan Railways Assembly in mid October this year, it was an opportunity for the Corporation to highlight its achievements and for UITP delegates to experience Hong Kong’s famous hospitality.
The gathering brought together members of the UITP, the world’s largest organisation dedicated to public transport issues, for three days between 14 and 17 October. Consisting of 60 senior railway executives from over 30 countries, the group was treated to a cultural dinner, featuring traditional Chinese performances, on the third day of the Assembly.
The keynote speaker at the cultural dinner was Mr K Y Yeung, KCRC Chairman and Chief Executive. During his speech Mr Yeung discussed the dramatic transformation undergone by the Corporation in recent years from a suburban railway to its additional role of a major railway developer. He spoke in detail about the Corporation’s new railway projects and how they will occupy it in rail construction and commissioning for the next 10 years.
Also covered in this issue are stories on the increasing traffic at the Lo Wu boundary crossing, which becomes particularly congested on long weekends and holidays. During the recent National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, new patronage records were set.
Additional stories in the current issue include a tribute to KCRC’s first Chairman, Mr Gerry Forsgate, who passed away on 21 October, as well as reports on the Corporation’s charitable activities, for which it received the President's Award for Excellence for 2000 / 2001 from the Hong Kong Community Chest's President, Mrs Betty Tung.
Trackrecord, the official staff newsletter of the KCRC, is published once a month and distributed to all employees, the Corporation’s key stakeholders, consulates, senior government officials, the media and community leaders.