28 November 2001
Strengthened Lo Wu Services to tie in with the extension of boundary opening hours
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation announced today that cross-boundary train service will be stepped up from 1 December 2001 onwards to tie in with the extension of the boundary opening hours from 11:30 pm to 12:00 midnight.
Currently, the last train for cross-boundary passengers departs Hung Hom Station at 10:37 pm. Starting from 1 December 2001 (Saturday), six more trains are available for cross-boundary passengers. These trains will depart Hung Hom Station respectively at 10:42 pm, 10:47 pm, 10:52 pm, 10:57 pm, 11:02 pm, 11:07 pm.
The southbound train services will also be strengthened for the convenience of passengers returning from Shenzhen. In addition to extending the service hour from 00:20 am to 00:30 am, three more southbound trains will be operated, increasing the total number of southbound trains from seven to ten between 11:30 pm and 00:30 am.
"The KCR East Rail remains the most preferred mode of the traveling public for crossing the boundary in view of its frequency and reliability. The Corporation welcomes the government's decision on the extension of the Lo Wu boundary opening hours and stands ready to serve an expanded cross-boundary market," a spokesman for the Corporation said.
Passengers are welcome to call the East Rail Customer Services Hotline on 2602 7799 for details about the strengthened Lo Wu services introduced to cope with the extension of boundary opening hours.