30 November 2001
KCR Light Rail maintains high safety standard
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) has been able to maintain a high safety standard of Light Rail for another year. In 2001 to date, the number of passenger and public injuries per million passengers carried was 0.27.
Speaking today at the opening ceremony of this year’s Light Rail Road Safety Campaign, Mr Jonathan Yu, Director of Light Rail, noted that this year’s safety figure was only second to the historical record of 0.23 achieved in 2000.
According to police statistics, between January and October 2001, the number of accidents involving Light Rail was 11, a substantial improvement against 21 of the same period last year.
Also speaking at the ceremony, Dr Cheng Hon Kwan, Chairman of Transport Advisory Committee, said that Light Rail has proved to be the safest mode of road-based transport in Hong Kong. This has been achieved as a result of the concerted efforts of Government departments, KCRC and the community.
The Light Rail Road Safety Campaign is an annual event aiming at enhancing the safety awareness of the public and passengers. This year’s safety campaign was supported by the Hong Kong Housing Authority, Tuen Mun Safe Community and the Police.
In addition, KCR Light Rail has been carrying out joint anti-jaywalking operations with the Police at busy Light Rail crossings. One of these operations was conducted this morning near Light Rail Tai Hing (South) stop. During the operation, 16 jaywalkers and cyclists were warned.
Officiating guests pulled the switch to kick off the Light Rail Road Safety Campaign.
In conjunction with the KCR Light Rail Road Safety Campaign, an anti-jaywalking operation was carried out jointly by KCR Light Rail and the Police this morning (30 November) at the pedestrian crossing near Light Rail Tai Hing (South) stop.