16 December 2001
KCR East Rail launches Safety Campaign to promote safe use of escalators
KCR East Rail launched its annual Safety Campaign today using escalator safety as the theme of this year.
An Opening Ceremony was held at Shatin New Town Plaza today. Apart from having Mr Y T Li, Director of KCR East Rail and the chairmen of the Traffic and Transport Committee of the three District Councils along East Rail to be the officiating guests. It was also attended by popular artists.
"To safeguard passenger safety is always our top priority task. According to our record, a lot of accidents occur due to the negligence of safety by passengers when they are in rush. Although the number of accidents is not high and most of them are of minor injuries, we will strive to explore ways to minimise their occurrence" said Mr Y T Li, Director, KCR East Rail.
"There were a total of 167 cases of accidents recorded in the first three quarters of this year. The figure represented a 5% decrease as compared to the 177 cases recorded for the same period of last year. Although the accident figure is in a decreasing trend, we still endeavour to keep the number to the minimal. It has been noted that escalator accident has taken up over 40% of the total figure. We therefore would like to make use of this safety campaign to remind passengers to stand on the right and hold the handrail, and to take care of children and elderly when using escalators. We would also advise passengers with bulky luggage and baby pram, as well as wheel chair users to use the lifts, which are available at all KCR East Rail stations. During the launch of the safety campaign, attractive stickers are put up on wall and floor to serve as signs to direct passengers to use the lifts," added Mr Li.
KCR East Rail will organise a series of publicity programme following the launch of the campaign. Apart from using posters and leaflets to promote the safety messages, games stalls to echo with the theme of escalator safety will be set up at various stations and a colour-filling competition will be organised during Christmas holidays. Moreover, radio programme will also be used as a channel to enhance passengers’ understanding of the safety guidelines when travelling on East Rail.