18 December 2001
Ride 10 get 1 free for East Rail domestic passengers Enhanced bonus scheme for Light Rail passengers
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation today announced a frequent traveller bonus scheme of "Ride 10 Get 1 Free" that will reduce the cost to regular users of East Rail’s domestic services and promote ridership.
With effect from next Monday (24 December 2001), all Octopus cardholders, including Elderly and Child cardholders, will automatically receive a free domestic ride for every 10 East Rail domestic trips made within one week from Monday to the following Sunday.
A KCRC spokesman said: "From next Monday, an Octopus cardholder will earn a bonus point for each East Rail domestic trip he makes. Bonus points accumulated below the earning threshold of 10 trips will be deleted starting from the following Monday."
But bonus points accumulated at the threshold of 10 trips, once earned within a week, will not be lost or deleted during the period when the bonus scheme is in operation, until the 11th trip is taken.
For the convenience of passengers, the free ride will be given automatically on the 11th trip, by way of making no fare deduction from their Octopus cards.
"This will save our passengers the trouble of presenting their Octopus cards for redemption of free tickets at customer services counters. It will also remove the possibility of passengers forgetting to redeem their free tickets after completing their 10th trip," he said.
The "Ride 10 Get 1 Free" scheme will be in operation for a period of six months up to 30 June 2002. It will not apply to East Rail's cross-boundary services or journeys to and from Racecourse Station.
The spokesman said, "Given that East Rail domestic services are already cheaper and faster than other modes of public transport, the bonus scheme will help our passengers achieve greater savings. We also hope to encourage more people to use our services."
Regular Light Rail passengers have been enjoying benefits from a similar bonus scheme introduced since 1997. With effect from 24 December 2001, the bonus for adult personalised Octopus cardholders will be increased from $3 to $3.20 cents, while the bonus for children and senior citizens will be increased from $1.50 cents to $1.60 cents. The enhanced bonus scheme will be in operation for a period of six months up to 30 June 2002.