29 January 2002
Hong Kong's largest train depot topped out
KCR West Rail today (Tuesday) celebrated the topping out of its depot -- KCRC Pat Heung Maintenance Centre -- at a ceremony officiated by KCRC Board Member, the Honourable Tim Chung Shui-ming.
With an area of 32.5 hectares, KCRC Pat Heung Maintenance Centre is the largest train depot in Hong Kong. The Centre, which will provide train stabling and maintenance facilities for KCR West Rail, is strategically located at the mid point of the West Rail alignment. The location, the layout and the state-of-the-art equipment and technology adopted will complement with each other to ensure the cost effectiveness of the Centre when in operation. The capacity, which is initially 154 train cars, could be extended to 456 train cars with further development.
Speaking at the topping out ceremony, KCRC Chief Executive Officer Mr K Y Yeung said, "Following the successful completion of all crucial milestones set in the year 2001, the entire West Rail alignment is now complete. Today, the topping out of the Maintenance Centre indicates that the logistic support of West Rail will soon be well prepared. We are absolutely confident that West Rail will be able to come into operation before the end of 2003."
"With West Rail coming into operation next year, the map on Hong Kong's overall transport network will be redrawn, and KCRC will have made a remarkable step towards its objective of building up an integrated railway network linking up all parts of Hong Kong," said KCRC Board Member Mr Tim Chung.
The ceremony was held on the roof top of the 700-metre long Electric Multiple Building which is the major building of the Maintenance Centre. The Building has a gross floor area of 41,000 square metres. In addition to a whole range of maintenance facilities, it also houses a training centre for West Rail's operation and maintenance staff.
Construction works of KCRC Pat Heung Maintenance Centre commenced in January 2000. The contract was awarded to Costain-China Harbour Joint Venture at HK$693 million.
Caption: With an area of 32.5 hectares, West Rail's depot -- KCRC Pat Heung Maintenance Centre -- is the largest train depot in Hong Kong.