25 March 2002
KCR West Rail Mei Foo Station topped out
KCR West Rail Mei Foo Station was topped out by KCRC Chairman Mr Michael Tien Puk-sun and Board Member Mr Vincent Lo today (Monday).
Located between Ching Cheung Road and Lai Wan Road, West Rail Mei Foo Station is a major interchange station connecting West Rail with the MTR Tsuen Wan Line. It is linked to the MTR Mei Foo Station by an underground dedicated pedestrian walkway, facilitating passengers interchanging between West Rail and MTR when commuting to and from the Northwest New Territories and urban Kowloon. It is estimated that interchanging passengers will make up about 80% of the passenger flow during peak hours.
Mei Foo Station is an above-ground station, integrated with the reconstructed Lai Chi Kok Park. Residents will enjoy the full benefits of a West Rail station on their doorstep together with an ideal open area for relaxation and recreation.
Speaking at the topping out ceremony held on the rooftop of the station, Mr Tien said, "After a year or so, looking around from here, we will see a fascinating green picture full of vibrancy."
The station will be fully landscaped, featuring an innovative rooftop park with various recreational facilities. The use of earth colour and rough texture for the station exterior will also help create a natural effect, complementing the greenery outside. While the station has a footprint of 33,000 square metres, landscaping work will cover as much as 110,000 square metres.
Construction works of Mei Foo Station commenced in August 1999. The contract was awarded to Kier-Zen Pacific Joint Venture at HK$1.243 billion.
Five West Rail station out of a total of nine were topped out. Civil structures of the West Rail project are approaching 100% complete and overall implementation is about 70% complete, putting West Rail on target for operation before the end of 2003.