28 March 2002
New KCRC luggage regulations go into force on 2 April 2002
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) today announced new luggage regulations that will limit the number and size of luggage items that can be carried on board passenger compartments.
Starting from 2 April 2002, the total dimension (length + width + height) of luggage that can be carried on board should NOT exceed 170cm, which is the approximate size of two large nylon bags or an extra large suitcase. In addition, no one side of a piece of luggage should measure more than 130cm, and its total weight should not exceed 30kg.
A spokesman for the KCRC said that the new regulations have been introduced as a result of comments received from passengers. He said there is a need to restrict the number and size of bulky luggage that can be carried on board so that passengers can enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.
"With increasing numbers of people travelling between Hong Kong and the Mainland, more and more passengers have been carrying bulky luggage on board KCR trains. This is causing inconvenience to other passengers and creating a safety hazard at ticket gates and escalators", he said.
The spokesman also said train schedules were being affected by passengers with bulky luggage boarding and alighting from trains.
Under the new regulations, passengers can carry luggage with a total dimension of less than 170cm free of charge. Luggage between 170cm and 220cm will require the purchase of a luggage ticket. For the convenience of passengers, several small pieces of luggage can be grouped together and counted as one piece.
Luggage tickets are available at ticket offices and fare adjustment offices at all stations, and from the luggage inspectors stationed at Hung Hom, Kowloon Tong, Mongkok, Sheung Shui and Lo Wu stations. The price of luggage tickets will remain unchanged. Luggage tickets for peak hours (before 9am, Monday to Saturday) will cost HK$40 each; luggage tickets for non-peak hours (after 9am, Monday to Saturday, all day on Sunday and public holidays) will cost HK$20 each.
Any additional pieces of luggage, over-sized luggage, over-weight luggage, hand-carts/barrows and bicycles should be consigned. Passengers travelling to the Mainland can have their luggage consigned at Hung Hom and Sheung Shui stations. Passengers coming from the Mainland via Lo Wu can have their luggage consigned at Lo Wu for transport to Sheung Shui or Hung Hom stations. Consignment charges will range from HK$41 to HK$81 depending on the weight of the luggage.
Luggage inspectors and station staff will be on duty near the ticket gates. They will provide assistance to passengers and enforce the new regulations. A mobile team of luggage inspectors will also patrol trains to remind passengers of the new arrangements.
The spokesman also urged passengers who carry bulky luggage to use the lift to avoid accidents and minimize inconvenience to other passengers. Lifts are available at all stations.
Posters have been put up and leaflets are being distributed at all stations to provide details of the new regulations. Station announcements will also be made reminding passengers of the effective date of the new regulations. Passengers with additional questions should call the KCR East Rail Customer Services Hotline on 2602 7799.