23 April 2002
New West Rail trains arrived in Hong Kong
The first consist of 7-car train for KCR West Rail has arrived in Hong Kong this morning (Tuesday).
The train cars were offloaded from barge at River Trade Terminal in Tuen Mun. Escorted by Hong Kong Police, the train cars were then transported to KCRC Pat Heung Maintenance Centre by road.
The train car contract, at HK$3.1 billion, is the largest train car contract ever awarded in Hong Kong.
A total of 154 train cars will be delivered in batches to form 22 consists of 7-car trains for West Rail.
The first West Rail train car being offloaded onto West Rail tracks at the KCRC Pat Heung Maintenance Centre.
The moment of the new train car being offloaded from barge to Hong Kong territory in Tuen Mun is a significant milestone in the implementation of the West Rail Project.
The 25-metre long West Rail cab car "riding" on Tuen Mun Highway to the KCRC Pat Heung Maintenance Centre.