16 May 2002
Statement by Sir John Swaine, Member of the Steering Committee
Please be advised that we, the members of the Investigation Steering Committee, do hereby certify that in our considered opinion the auditors, Messrs Ernst & Young, have submitted a report in accordance with the terms of reference agreed to between the auditors and the Corporation.
We further confirm that we, in accordance with our terms of reference, have reviewed the content of the report and satisfied ourselves that the report is a thorough and fair review of all relevant aspects of contract DB-1500 and the supplemental agreements entered into in respect of contracts DB-1500, CC-213 and CC-404.
We note that there are a certain number of references in the auditors report which have been deleted in the report to be provided by the Corporation to the Government. We are satisfied that these deletions are necessary and appropriate having regard to the Corporation’s legal obligations to each of the contractors and third parties who have been referred to in the report and that those relating to liquidated damages are appropriate having regard to the commercial sensitivity of the information contained therein, which if disclosed would prejudice the Corporation’s ability to act in a prudently commercial manner.
Having reviewed the auditor’s recommendations, we are satisfied that they are appropriate and recommend to the Corporation that it takes such steps as are necessary in order to implement the same.