16 May 2002
Statement by Mr Ian Thoms, Director West Rail
I am in total agreement with the statements made by my Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Director.
As Director, West Rail I take full responsibility for reporting the progress status of all West Rail contracts to the Managing Board. The reporting system has been fully described in the Ernst and Young report. This shows up inconsistencies, which we will take immediate steps to cure.
I admit that there was an error of judgement in failing to report the full gravity of the delays in Siemens’ performance. For this I bear responsibility. I add my apologies in respect of the timing when the Managing Board was fully informed of the critical nature of the delays to Siemens’ contract.
West Rail is progressing well. I am pleased to confirm that the DB1500 supplemental agreement and all of the other supplemental agreements have had the desired effect. Siemens’ performance is now back on track. Their first key date was achieved on time and I am confident their second key date, due at the end of May, will be achieved.
I am also fully confident that the project will be delivered safely, on time, within budget and to the right quality.